· Depalletiser of folded boxes

This machine allows us to depalletise, by box rows, the pallets that will be introduced in the cell, to the production required by the client, with in a maximum of 200 boxes.

· Dismantler cell and turning with a thruster

This cell allows us to unfold 50 boxes maximum, one by one, by inserting them in a crate turner, which thrusts 5 boxes maximum, so as to insert them in multi-format the carton assembler afterwards.

· Multi-format multi-brand carton assembler

This box assembler permits the opening of foldable boxes, such as Chep, Logifruit, Europool, Arca Systems, Ifco, etc.
The opening measures are 600 x 400 mm. Height measurements from 115 to 250 mm. The production figure is 1.200 boxes per hour.

· Belt turner

This turner permits to turn boxes face up, so as to be manipulated afterwards.

EVERY MAVIC’s MACHINE can be adapted for the client's necessities.



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