The constant evolution of our company has forced us to explore new fields of action and new working solutions.

The implementation of our task to many different industrial fields is now progressively unfolding and we do encompass sectors such as food supply, ceramics, packaging, etc. Regardless of its production area, Ingeniería Mavic provides the solution that fits.


· Automatism

· Automatic pallet feeding.
· Anthropomorphic palletized for the product stacking.
· Automatic plastic cover feeding.
· Finished pallet labelling.


· Cover dispenser

· Cover dispenser with automatic system.
· With charger and automatic dosing/dispenser.
· Adjustable to the clients’ specifications.


· Fitting and stacking system for pottery pieces in multi-format

· Stacking system for any type of pottery, marble and wood pieces.
· Automatic format change. High productions in special formats.
· Minimizations at the take downs.


· Work table

· Description not available.


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